We travel not to escape life,
but for life not to escape us

Topas Group is involved in a number of companies. Many of the companies originate from Topas Travel, which ties the group together. The philosophy is to create unique adventures in remote parts of the globe.









Topas Travel

Topas Travel is a Danish adventure travel agency. Since 1973 travellers have been using Topas Travel as a gateway to the most remote destinations around the globe. Real adventure travel in good company with activities such as Hiking and Biking is part of our DNA.
Topas Travel is entirely owned by Topas Group.


World of Greenland
World of Greenland was established in 2007, and is based in Ilulissat. The agency sets up Adventure tours around the Diskobay in cooperation with Air Greenland and Disko Line A/S and runs the remote resort Glacier lodge Eqi and Ilimanaq Lodge.  World of Greenland is a partnership between Greenland Travel and Topas Group.

Disko Line A/S
Disko Line is a passenger shipping company located in Ilulissat on the West coast of Greenland and operates 9 passenger boats from 12 to 60 passengers. Since 2004 Disko Line has been providing locals and tourists with ferry service in the Diskobay. Disko Line A/S is owned by Topas Group and was founded in 2004.

In cooperation with Disko Line A/S, Hotel Diskobay provides hotel services and activities in beautiful Qasiqiannquit. Hotel Diskobay is focusing on trekking and adventure activities. Topas Group is the owner of Hotel Diskobay.

In southern Greenland, Blue Ice Explorer supplies adventurers with tailor-made package tours for individuals and groups. Blue Ice Explorer owns and operate Igaliko Country Hotel, Narsarsuaq Hostel and 9 passenger boats. Blue Ice Explorer is owned by Topas Group.

Situated directly at the Disco Bay with view to the mouth of the icefiord, Hotel Icefiord offers absolute unique surroundings for a unique stay. In new and modern surroundings the guests of Hotel Icefiord can expect a friendly and high level of service and personal engagement. Hotel Icefiord is owned by Topas Group.


Topas Adventure Vietnam
This organisation has been a joint partnership between Topas Group and The Huong family in northern Vietnam since the early 1990s. The agency provides individual and group tours all over Vietnam and South East Asia.

Topas Ecolodge, Sapa
Topas Ecolodge consists of 33 luxury bungalows and located on a beautiful hilltop 30 min outside Sa Pa in Northern Vietnam.  Topas Ecolodge focuses on sustainability and adventurous activities such as hiking and biking. The resort was established in 2005 and is owned by Topas Group. In 2013 Nam Can Riverside Lodge was established – a remote homestay containing 7 private rooms and 2 private family rooms.


Tour Developers

Klaus Andersen
Tour Developer
Camilla Hvalsøe
Tour Developer
Jørgen Nielsen
Business Development